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A conjuction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars occured which, at the time, was thought to be the cause of the Black Plague pandemic.
ref: web.stanford.edu

Died (Old Style date), Sir Isaac Newton, English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and alchemist
ref: en.wikipedia.org

The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property was signed, providing that intellectual property systems, including patents, of any contracting state are accessible to the nationals of other states party to the Convention.
ref: www.wipo.int

J. Palisa discovered asteroid #290 Bruna.

M. Wolf discovered asteroids #527 Euryanthe, #528 Rezia and #529 Preziosa.

A. Kopff discovered asteroid #593 Titania.

Born, Angela Buddenbohmer, German rocket pioneer Reinhold Tiling's assistant
ref: translate.google.com

Born, Pavel P. Parenago, Soviet astronomer (variable star data, galactic astronomy)
ref: en.wikipedia.org

J. H. Metcalf discovered asteroid #792 Metcalfia.

J. H. Metcalf discovered asteroid #784 Pickeringia.

J. Comas Sola discovered asteroid #804 Hispania; and M. Wolf discovered asteroids #800 Kressmannia, #801 Helwerthia and #802 Epyaxa.

A. Wachmann discovered asteroid #1465 Autonoma; and M. B. Protitch discovered asteroids #1517 Beograd and #1675 Simonida.

M. Itzigsohn discovered asteroid #1571 Cesco.

L. Boyer discovered asteroid #1617 Alschmitt.

A. Paroubek discovered asteroid #1989 Tatry.

The first successful reception of RADAR return signals from Venus was announced by MIT scientists.
ref: news.google.com

La Plata Observatory discovered asteroid #2103 Laverna.
ref: minorplanetcenter.net

Died, Andrew Ellicott Douglass, astronomer, archaeologist, dendrochronologer (study of tree rings)
ref: en.wikipedia.org

The precursor of the European Space Agency, ESRO (European Space Research Organization) was established per an agreement signed on 14 June 1962.
ref: en.wikipedia.org

H. Debehogne discovered asteroid #3002.

A. Mrkos discovereda asteroid #3326.

1987 22:22:00 GMT
NASA launched Palapa B-2P, an Indonesian communications satellite, from Cape Canaveral, Florida on a Delta 3920.
ref: nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov

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