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The "Shame on Columbus" eclipse occurred: Christopher Columbus used his knowledge of a Lunar eclipse to solicit provisions from Jamaican natives.
ref: www.upi.com

Born, Herman Hollerith, inventor (punched cards, first electric tabulating machine)

Herman Hollerith (29 February 1860 - 17 November 1929) was an American statistician and inventor who invented the first electric tabulating machine, and the punched cards used for data entry into computers. Hollerith founded a company that was amalgamated in 1911 with several other companies to form the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company which, in 1924, was renamed to "International Business Machines" (IBM).
ref: en.wikipedia.org

J. Palisa discovered asteroid #214 Aschera.

Born, Jack R. Lousma (at Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA), Colonel USMC, NASA astronaut (Skylab 3, STS 3; nearly 67d 11.25h total time in spaceflight)
Astronaut Jack Lousma, NASA photo S71-52262 (1971 December 01)Source: NASA Image and Video Library S71-52262~small.jpg
Astronaut Jack Lousma, NASA photo S71-52262 (1971 December 01)
Source: NASA Image and Video Library
ref: www.nasa.gov

H.-E. Schuster discovered asteroid #2105 Gudy.

USSR Soyuz TM-22 landed, returning from the Mir space station.

Russia launched Soyuz TM-22 on 3 September 1995 from Baikonur to the Mir space station carrying the Mir Expedition EO-20 crew. The crew commander was Yuriy Pavlovich Gidzenko of the Russian Air Force. Flight engineer was Sergey Vasilyevich Avdeev of RKK Energiya, and cosmonaut-researcher was Thomas Reiter of the European Space Agency. Soyuz TM-22 docked with Mir's front (-X) port at 10:29:54 GMT on September 5 and the hatch was opened at 11:01:23.

Soyuz TM-22 landed on 29 February 1996.
ref: nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov

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