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the road to success is always under construction

The L5 Development Group's mission is to profitably design, construct, and maintain independent space colonies in the shortest possible time frame, and to develop a trade of goods and services between those colonies and Earth, between the colonies themselves, and with any other civilizations encountered or developed. This objective is to be achieved without direct use of any government funding, whether through grants, loans, or through the sale of stocks or bonds, or of goods and services, to any governments or their agencies.

Many people and organizations are discussing space colonies now, and have been for a substantial time. The usual perspective is to talk about the colonies and colonists as "they," "them" and "if." Here at the L5 Development Group, however, the terms used are "I", "we," "us" and "when." There's a significant difference between the two points of view, and we expect that difference will prove to be a deciding factor when history has determined who built the first colonies!



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