The L5 Development Group how this site was built

How This Site Was Built

  1. The basic directory structure was laid out.
  2. 640x480 monochrome, text-only place-holder icon images were created for each page designed to be included in the site.
  3. ThmIndxrTM was used to build the linked index pages and shrink the icon images to the correct button size.
  4. MODRNIZE was used as a post-processing step in each directory to update the constructed index page to reference the correct HTML targets.
  5. Individual pages for the site are being constructed from prototypes.
  6. Applicable graphics are being created for the page access buttons, replacing the place holders originally installed as they are completed.
  7. ThmIndxrTM is used to rebuild the index pages as changes are made.
  8. Pages are uploaded to the server when they are complete and debugged.



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